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 Joined: Mar 02 2012
Worst Customer Service
Posted on Fri 2 Mar 2012

I contacted this provider for my wedding centerpieces, despite the fact that they had terrible reviews online. The representative refused to call me and simply wrote me an email asking me why I had not gotten my other wedding decorations from them and essentially demanded to know where I had. I explained that I purchased other pieces of my wedding decor from somewhere else and I want to explore my options in terms of flowers. He wrote me a poorly worded unprofessional email in response basically saying that my other provider should provide me with my requested services and that he has no intention of serving me. I am not sure if this provider is jealous of my other provider or if they are just terrible business people. I received an email after I told them not to contact me , from a third party who does work for them asking for my business. It is truly pathetic.

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